Private Events

Host at the Park!

Buildings for Rent

Meeting House

This venue is perfect for small gatherings of 35-40 people like christenings, memorials, lectures, and small weddings. The seating is wooden benches.

Colonial Barn

This venue is perfect for larger gatherings with a capacity of 296 if everyone is indoors. Opening the doors for an indoor/outdoor event allows for a much larger guest list. We've had weddings up to 450 people with this type of setup. This is a great location for business meetings, birthday parties, and really any type of large gathering.

Farmer's Barn

The latest addition to the park is the Farmer's Barn. You can rent it by itself or add it to a Red Barn event. It's 24 by 36 feet and will have space for 12 6-foot tables and 72 chairs. The large fireplace can add warmth to your outdoor event.

Spring House Tavern

This venue is perfect for small to medium-sized gatherings where your guests will be seated. You can comfortably seat 40 people. This building has been rented for club meetings, luncheons, Christmas parties, and many more occasions.

The Ordinary

This building is popular for outdoor events like family reunions, church gatherings, barbecues, oyster roasts, etc.. You will need to bring your own barbecue grill. This space has picnic tables that convert into benches.

The Commons

You can rent the grassy area in the center of the park. This is a great venue for outdoor weddings and group events. Benches are available for rent for your guests to be seated. You can also bring in outside rentals if needed.

Make A Reservation

Contact us for a tour or with any  questions you may have.

Rental FAQs

  • No open flame in buildings.
  • No real candles in the lanterns on mantel.
  • No sparklers.
  • No smoking in the Living History Park - This is a city rule.
  • No staples, tape thumb tacks or nails to hang anything on any of the building inside or out.
  • N0 glitter decorations.
  • No bubbles in barn.

If you plan to serve alchohol, the city of North Augusta requires the presence of an off-duty Public Safety officer for the entirety of the event.  There is an hourly rate for this service.

No underage drinking is ever permissible.

  • If the reservation is canceled in writing 14 months before the event, a full refund of all fees paid will be refunded by check within two weeks of receipt of the written notification.
  • If canceled in writing less than 14 months but more than 4 months before the event, security/clean up fee will be refunded. Also one half of the full rental fee will be forfeited the remainder will be refunded by check within two weeks receipt of the written notification.
  • If canceled less than 4 months before the event the security/clean up fee will be refunded and the full rental fee will be forfeited.

Guests are not allowed to park inside the gate.  They can park across the street from the main entrance on the grass or they can park on the street. 

For a fee, we can transport your guests from the main entrance using a golf cart.

Restroom facilities are included with your rental fees.

We have

  • 10 8ft tables
  • 8--6ft tables
  • 6- 5ft round tables
  • 100 chairs

The use of these are included in the barn rental price.  They must stay in the barn.

The barn also has 4 wooden tables / several ladder back chairs and 7 benches that have to stay inside barn



We have 24 eight-foot long  benches you can rent.  The price is $10.00 a bench.

Yes.  There are fees associated with this option.  Please contact the park director for details.

All professional photographers must have a North Augusts business license as required by the City of North Augusta.  This rule applies to any pictures taken on park property.