Next up: Gaming Night:
July 13 from 6 to 9 p.m.

We are having a second Gaming Night. The evening entertainment will take place in the (air-conditioned!) Colonial Barn. For $12 you can enjoy chicken salad, tuna salad, ice cream, beer and wine. Or you can enjoy some lemonade for free. Everyone is welcome to learn some new card games and enjoy this family-friendly evening.

For questions or more information contact Lynn at 803-215-0837.

VIDEOS AND PHOTOS of events at the park are always great to see.
Ever wonder about North Augusta's history?
Check this out.
—Larry Gleason
has posted some beautiful photos of the Colonial Times 2016 event here on Flickr.
—And he has posted a photographic journal of the construction of our grist mill.
Videos by Larry Gleason are on Youtube
—Cam Logan
made a wonderful video of the 2015 Colonial Times: A Day to Remember. Take a look.

Some great photos in a slideshow are up on Youtube, courtesy of Rick Pittman.

The Colonial Barn now has wi-fi to accomodate meetings and other special event needs! Come check it out.

Join the Olde Towne Militia!

The Garden at North Augusta: A Place for All is ready for your visit!

Quick Calendar 2019

January 26
Gaming Night

March 30
Hammer In

May 3 
Education Day

May 4 and 5
Colonial Times "Under the Crown"

October 18
Education Day

October 19 and 20
Colonial Times "A Day to Remember"

November 30 Christmas in the Backcountry

December 7 Christmas for the Birds

December 7 Annual Christmas Party

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We would like to thank the neighborhood watch for alerting us to the prowler in the Living History Park on the evening of June 4th. It appeared that the fence to the garden on the upper side was hopped and blackberries were stolen from the enclosed garden. The lady that did this apparently felt she needed the berries more than anyone else. She entered the park before dawn and used a flashlight to harvest the blackberries. She definitely intended on theft. Shame!!!

Dana and Bonita Cheney
beg leave to inform the public that they have opened a school in the Barn at The Village at Willow Springs, North Augusta. They will teach English Country Dancing in the most polite manner and doubt not giving satisfaction to gentlemen or ladies. Influences of ill manners will be carefully avoided. Youth of both sexes will also be taught and will acquire so eligible an accomplishment.

Times for teaching dance will be Saturday at 11:00, 1:30, and 4:00. Sunday will be 1:00 and 3:00. Dates confirmed are October 20 and 21, and November 24.

Due care shall be taken that the greatest decency and good manners be taught and observed by his scholars.

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Easter Egg hunt

About the Living History Park

Like many small towns and communities across America, North Augusta was on the brink of losing its distinctive character to the forces of commerce and enterprise. Change in the streetscape of America is inevitable and, in many cases, desirable. The streets and buildings that give character to a neighborhood, however, are part of a community heritage that should be passed from one generation to the next.

The Olde Towne Preservation Association came into being in 1991 to help preserve the heritage and character of a slice of North Augusta. The organization has been instrumental in doing that but it has done much more. Olde Towne has evolved into a community based association working to enhance the quality of life for the people of North Augusta, Aiken County, and the Greater Central Savannah River Area (CSRA).

From the development of the Living History Park where school children witness history firsthand through living exhibits and demonstrations of colonial life, to participating in the Christmas Parade, members of Olde Towne participate in many activities which benefit the people of the area.The Living History Park serves citizens from a two state area (South Carolina and Georgia). During the school year the park is used by area teachers as a teaching tool. This 7.5 acre park with natural springs provides for the children hands-on educational experience into the history of our area.

Over 20,000 people visit the park throughout the year. Visitors have come from as near as Florida and Texas, and as far away as Poland and China!

The park is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All events are free. The Living History Park is managed by Olde Towne Preservation Association, a 501c non-profit organization.



The Living History Park is located at 299 W. Spring Grove Avenue in North Augusta, South Carolina.

Olde Towne Preservation Association
P.O. Box 7915
North Augusta, South Carolina 29861

Lynn Thompson,, phone: (803) 279-7560
Chairman of the Living History Park and President of the Olde Towne Preservation Association


For General Information about the park call (803) 979-9776


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