The Garden at North Augusta: A Place for All

Designed to be accommodating to all, this botanical retreat features wheelchair accessible pathways and special features for the visually impaired. There is even a drinking fountain for thirsty service dogs! Part of the garden will also feature a wind symphony to delight the ears. Sight, sound, smell and touch: it is truly a garden to delight your senses!

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Garden Designer: Jeff Tilden 

“Our goal is to create a place which is extraordinary, inspiring, and restful—a place for all.”—Jeff

Friends of the Garden:
Olde Towne Preservation Association
Lions Club of North Augusta
Aiken County Parks, Recreation & Tourism
South Carolina National Heritage Corridor

The garden is designed and is being developed to be a place of atmosphere. The feelings of tranquility and sanctuary begin as one steps through the doorway into the vestibule of the garden. The trickling wall fountain is placed here to allow those visually impaired as well as those with sight to know they are in a place of repose. Other sounds of water further along the pathway enhance the sense of passage and may cause the visitor to pause and listen to their activity.
Shrubs, bulbs, herbaceaus plants, vines, and evergreens are being selected for fragrance. One particular hedge is being shaped into a tactile hedge, its purpose being to have ones hand graze along its surface, making its contours visible to the mind’s eye.

The garden will contain plants that have been planted in memory of and in honor of people. For more information contact Lynn Thompson at (803) 279-7560
or email

We plan to have artists, storytellers, and musicians perform from time to time for the enjoyment of all ages and lifestyles. A Bartram Nature trail also runs around the garden.

A group of wind-propelled melody-makers is being added to our existing wind chimes to provide tunes of a less “random” sort. One particular musical whirligig is being made to a tune donated by the soon-to-be stars Modern Skirts. We are most thankful to these talented and gracious gentlemen from Athens, Georgia for their inspiration.

Some of the many plants you will see in the park include the fragrant plants Daphne odora, Edgeworthia Chrysantha, Gardenia, Azara Michrophylla; evergreens such as Boxwoods, Magnolias, Loquats, Oak Leaf hollies; fruits such as grapes, blueberries, black currants, figs, limes, and crabapples; and such southern favorites as Allee elms, several varieties of Camillias, and Hydrangeas.

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